If you own an accessible accommodation facility or business, you can join our project.

For us, accessibility is a value that goes beyond the physical reachability of a place. As stated in our Manifesto “Everyone has the right to move, know, visit regardless of their origins, fragility, physical characteristics, cognitive abilities.”

If you share this look at tourism and the world, we are ready to welcome you into our project. We offer a network of experts who know both the topics of accessibility and tourism.
You will be able to offer your guests multisensorial visiting experiences. In addition, you will have an additional platform on which to present your structure. You will associate yourself with the theme of tourist accessibility which represents a constantly growing trend and guarantees prestige and value.

One of us will evaluate the structure and affixing the stamp of
"Storicity" accessibility


If you are involved inselling, developing, creating tour packages, you can add to your offer Storicity, a project that supports accessible facilities and territorial paths that offer unique sensory experiences.

    To become a partner of the Historicity project or to request more information, fill out the form

    If you need to personalize your visit or your stay and verify that Historicity can accommodate your requests regarding accessibility, write us your needs regarding transport, accommodation and routes in the "Your message" field.